Mobicamp is now firmly established as Switzerland’s leading mobile event, focused on helping it’s audience navigate one of the world’s most fascinating and fastest growing industries. Thanks to your support we will be back in the Swiss capital this autumn…


Swiss Mobicamp, kindly hosted by Swisscom, is returning to Bern on 6th November and explores ‘What’s on the horizon for Mobile’?

Mobile has evolved into a horizontal enabler, creating opportunities for innovation in many industries across the globe. This autumn at Mobicamp we’ll examine emerging mobile trends in areas such as The Internet of Things, automotive, mHealth, mobile payments and wearable computing. We will investigate how your talent, resources and knowledge can influence and disrupt many more facets of our daily life and create sustainable revenue opportunities. At this year’s Mobicamp, we will see there is more to life than simply firing birds at pigs.

We’re bringing an international selection of seasoned industry experts to Bern to share their knowledge and experience with you. They include one of the industry’s most respected analysts, trusted by the likes of Amazon, Mozilla, Google & Intel. He will be joined by a diverse range of speakers including one of the world’s leading industrial designers, the editor of the only dedicated site to wearable technology, as well as Vodafone’s former global head of mHealth.

Selected other highlights include:

  • A workshop highlighting the successful tips & tricks of crowd funding from the team at Dynamo PR who have helped clients successfully raise over $20m, including a campaign for The Micro which reached $1m in just 25 hours.
  • Understand why mobile and automotive are colliding, what it takes to develop apps for Connected Cars and how your mobile experience and technologies could influence the future direction of the automotive industry.
  • The creative team from Echt Praktisch will be on site to illustrate visual representations of the presentations – in real time – at Mobicamp.

Tickets are now on sale. Previous editions of Mobicamp have all sold out so we suggest you purchase a ticket in plenty of time to ensure you’re not disappointed. Should you have any questions please reach out to the team via info@mobicamp.ch

We look forward to seeing you on 6th November in Bern!