In Switzerland, we have plenty of very talented and well educated young people. But relatively few entrepreneurs. And too few startups yet that go beyond the development of a small local cluster, and make it in a meaningful way on the international scene. Why is that?” – Daniel Borel, co-founder @ Logitech*

Swiss Mobile Basecamp 2012 was founded by Martin Coul, after he left Skype and relocated to Lausanne during the summer of 2011. The idea for the event resulted from Martin’s numerous conversations with Swiss CEOs, venture capitalists, angel investors, lawyers, academia, aspiring entrepreneurs and coaches. From these discussions, one observation about the Swiss ICT ecosystem struck him more than any other:  Despite the phenomenal support network that exists in Switzerland to help start-ups with research, funding and coaching etc he found that Swiss start-ups and entrepreneurs in ICT, and mobile in particular were struggling to climb the hockey stick growth curve towards ubiquity and evangelize and sell their solutions beyond the Swiss borders.

Utilizing his background in mobile, Martin began exploring ways to contribute to the success of mobile start-ups across Switzerland and leverage his global industry contacts to make a tangible difference. He shared his ideas with Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, Managing Director at CTI Invest and the Innovation team at Swisscom. Both were early supporters and Swiss Mobile Basecamp 2012 was born.

Swiss Mobile Basecamp 2012 is primarily aimed at executive and senior management from early stage startups/SMEs involved in mobile or looking to develop mobile products and solutions. VCs/Angel investors looking to improve their dealflow and learn more about the mobile ecosystem, and employees from larger companies who want to understand the dynamics of this ecosystem and network across the Swiss mobile scene, are also invited to attend and participate.

* The Best Swiss Start-ups of 2011 – Top 100

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