Andreas Constantinou

As CEO, Andreas oversees the growth and strategy of VisionMobile. He has been working on the mobile industry since 2000, helping take the very first smartphones to market. Since then he’s worked with the top brand names in the mobile industry including Telefonica, AT&T, Telenor, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, MTS, Nokia, Sony, RIM, HTC, Qualcomm, Ericsson and Microsoft. Over the last five years, Andreas has grown VisionMobile into the leading, most respected research firm on telco economics and developer economics, with a client base and reputation that outrivals companies many times the size.

In his academic life, Andreas is an Adjunct Professor at Lund University, Sweden, where he teaches the Mobile Industry Dynamics Course, and a Visiting Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business where he teaches Entrepreneurship. Andreas holds a Ph.D. in Image & Video Compression from the University of Bristol, UK.

Prior to founding VisionMobile, Andreas spent 3 years at Orange’s Research & Innovation division, including serving as a technology lead for the Orange-Microsoft relationship. His interests include understanding the economics behind mobile industry disruption and visualising industry trends.

(Keynote) App Economy trends: developer sentiments, forecasts and motivations:

As the leading authority on the apps economy, VisionMobile’s CEO, Andreas Constantinou, will present the company’s latest findings from the largest ever mobile dev survey of 6,000+ developers. The presentation will analyse developer sentiment around platforms, revenues and revenue models, platform prioritisation, iOS vs Android vs HTML5 shoot-out, app economy forecasts 2013-2016, and a unique peek into the Hierarcy of Developer Motivations.  Attend the session to benefit from an unprecedented depth of insights into developer economy trends and opportunities.

(Workshop) Business model disruption: decoding the masterminds of Google and Amazon:

How does Google monetize Android? How do Google’s 60+ services fit into the ambitions of the most successful advertising network? Why does Amazon need Kindle, and how does the company manage to appease investors while returning almost no profit? VisionMobile’s team of PhDs, MBAs, economists and engineers have studied the world’s most successful technology companies and “cracked the code” underpinning their strategies and business models. Andreas Constantinou, VisionMobile’s CEO and Founder will present the blueprints of Google’s and Amazon’s business models, in unprecedented clarity, helping startups and Fortune-500 companies alike visualise how these companies are using novel business models to disrupt mobile and many more industries.

Agenda and speakers subject to change without notice up to the date of the event

  • 08:00

    Registration, Coffee & Networking

  • 09:00

    Opening Remarks

  • 09:15

    App Economy trends: developer sentiments, forecasts and motivations

  • 10:00

    The evolution of enterprise mobility - Mobile, First

  • 10:45

    Panel Discussion #1

  • 11:30

    Mobile Clinic

  • 11:30

    Workshop #1 - The latest innovations around Windows Phone

  • 11:30

    Workshop #2 - IP: Beyond Patents

  • 11:30

    Workshop #3 - Enterprises go Mobile

  • 11:30

    Workshop #4 - Monetising Mobile Services

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    Lunch & Networking

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    Mobile Clinic

  • 14:00

    Workshop #5 - Lessons from the epicentre of the mobile industry

  • 14:00

    Workshop #6 - Successfully working with nearshoring teams - do's & dont's

  • 14:00

    Workshop #7 - Business model disruption: decoding the masterminds of Google and Amazon

  • 14:00

    Workshop #8 - Mobile Apps – our daily companions but what about security?

  • 15:00

    An entrepreneurs journey to empower blind women through mobile phones

  • 15:30

    The digital living room

  • 16:00

    Investors on Stage

  • 16:30

    What do customers want from the mobile web?

  • 17:00

    Panel Discussion #2

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    Closing Remarks

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    Apéro & Networking

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